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Q: Why not just rinse the scuba mask underwater?

  • Rinsing a Scuba mask underwater requires training.

  • Valuable breathing air is lost in the process of forcing the water out of the mask.

  • Many divers require both hands to remove their masks, thereby limiting the use of one hand.

  • Difficult to rinse while holding an underwater camera.

  • Vision is completely obscured during the rinse, an undesirable state in many situations.

  • In contaminated waters, it is impossible to avoid facial contact with the contaminants.

Q: Why not just use defog/antifog solutions?

  • They tend to wash off during a dive.

  • Even the best antifog solutions wash off in 9 rinse cycles.

  • They cannot be re-applied during a dive.

  • The chemicals in the solutions are a source of concern for many health-conscious users.

  • Some are even eye irritants.

  • The supply in a bottle eventually runs out and must be re-purchased.


Q: Does it fall off the mask?

  • The strength of the magnets is designed to provide maximum attraction but without being overly strong to create "sticking."

Q: Does it interfere with Scuba Computers/Gauges?

  • Although the magnets used in our products are the strongest magnets currently available and should be kept away from credit cards, etc., they are not sufficiently strong to affect compasses, dive computers, and gauges (these devices are manufactured to be magnetically unaffected).


US Order

For all U.S. orders, we offer FREE standard shipping.  Orders placed with standard shipping will arrive in 4-8 business days.  During the checkout process, you can choose other shipping options for faster delivery.   For "Next Day" and "2nd Day" shipping, your order must be placed by 12:00 PM Pacific Time to ensure next day or 2-day delivery.  Shipping cut-off times exclude holidays and weekends. 



International Order

​​We offer FLAT RATE Shipping for International orders to over 180 countries.  Flat rate shipping means that no matter how much you buy, your shipping charge remains the same.   The table below shows the estimated delivery time.  However, it is just an estimate since we have no control of customs and other circumstances that respective country which may delay delivery.



Please note, COVID delays through shipping carriers due to volume and safety precautions could extend the delivery window.




Do you need a large quantity of something? We can give you special bulk pricing.  Contact us by email with a list of products and quantities, and we'll help you out. This is a great way to save money with your friends or coworkers and save on shipping.  

If you're interested in selling our products in your retail stores or distributing our products, contact us by email. We'll gather a little info about your business and get products to your store or warehouse.



Please refer to the 'Government' section under this website's 'More' tab. 


We want you to be fully satisfied with every product that you purchase from If you are not satisfied with the purchase, contact us (, and you may return the product within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping.

Please include the sales/packaging invoice with the item(s) to ensure proper credit. You can expect the refund within 1~3 days of our receiving the returned item(s).


Send the returning item(s) to the following address:

 Wide-i Magnetic Fog Wipers

 P.O. Box 99021

 Seattle, WA 98139


Shipping Method


Estimated Delivery Time


Standard Shipping


4 - 5  Business Days


Expedited Shipping

2 - 3  Business Days


Express Shipping

1 - 2  Business Days


Shipping Method


Estimated Delivery Time



Standard Shipping

Expedited Shipping

Express Shipping

7 - 15 Business Days

3 - 5  Business Days

1 - 2  Business Days




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