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Wide-i Magnetic Fog Wipers for Mask/Goggles

THE WIDE-I MAGNETIC FOG WIPER is a fog WIPER, not an anti-fog liquid. It allows one to wipe off the fog from a fogged-up mask without removing the mask. And it works from on ANY mask. More technically, the Wide-i®Magnetic Fog Wiper™(US Patent – 6221170) consists of two magnets sandwiching the mask lens. The user slides the outer magnet causing the inside magnet to move in unison and wipe off the fog. Both magnets are equipped with advanced micro-fiber material to prevent scratching of the lenses. It's that SIMPLE! 

There are several different types, varying in size, shape, and magnetic strength, for a wide range of masks, including:

  • scuba diving and snorkeling masks,

  • firefighter masks and dive helmets,

  • swimming goggles,

  • airsoft and paintball masks,

  • ski and snowboarding masks,

  • motorcycle goggles/masks,

  • safety goggles,

  • face shields,

  • and more.

Best of all, it is: 

  • easy to use (no training required),

  • chemical-free (does not irritate eyes),

  • never fails (works all the time),

  • everlasting (never runs out),

  • non-abrasive (does not scratch lens),

  • strong enough (magnetically) to not fall-off, and

  • small enough to not obstruct the view.

Wide-i, LLC, is the inventor/patent-holder, and currently the only manufacturer of the Wide-i®Magnetic Fog Wiper™.  More complex/specialized features are available upon request.

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