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US Military ADS Operational Equipment & logistics solutions using wide-i mask fog wiper and  wide-i  mask defogger.
US Naval Special Warfare team uses wide-i mask fog wiper and wide-i mask defogger.
US SEAL using wide-i mask fog wiper and wide-i mask defogger.
US Navy Experimental Diving Unit using wide-i mask fog wiper and wide-i mask defogger.
US Coast Guard using wide-i mask fog wiper and wide-i mask defogger.
Firefighers using wide-i mask fog wiper and wide-i mask defogger.
Miners using wide-i mask fog wiper and wide-i mask defogger.
Mask users using wide-i mask fog wiper and wide-i mask defogger. for their masks, goggles, and Helmet.
Trient scuba mask and snorkel mask users using wide-i mask fog wiper and wide-i mask defogger.

ADS Operational Equipment & Logistics Solutions

Naval Special Warfare Command  

SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team

Navy Experimental Diving Unit



US Coast Guard


Warner Robins Fire Department 

Biomarine CSE


Japan Right Rescue


Trident Diving


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On Websites

 5.0 out of 5 stars

Awesome Item! By M. Griffin "Firemedic"

After being in the fire service in one area or another for the last eight years, I have become all too familiar with the safety hazards associated with having your facepiece fog up before you go on air. I had been looking for something to treat my masks so that they wouldn't fog up, but hadn't been able to find a spray or gel that mask manufacturers would recommend for their products. I had seen the fog wiper on other sites stating that it was usable for all mask brands. I was hesitant before ordering it, fearing that it would fall off or scratch up the face piece. But this product has done its job. I have used it on several calls on a Scott full face piece and it has cleared up the fog and helped visibility. The magnet is strong enough to stay on even when its been bounced around on my face and in the back of the engine. Overall, this is a great five-star product.

 5.0 out of 5 stars
I was skeptical By Richard Haines

I was skeptical when I bought these. But I used them snorkeling in Aruba, and they worked great! I was so pleasantly suprised. I would definitely buy again. They stay out of the way in the corners of the mask until you need them, so they aren't impeding your vision. Then all you do is use a index finger to wipe the lense free of condensation. This item is awesome, especially for the money!

5.0 out of 5 stars
What a fantastic idea! By Skai

What a brilliant idea. These magnets sit on the bottom of my mask and when it gets foggy I just do a quick wipe. I don't have to worry about defogger or clearing my mask anymore.

They've worked great during both snorkeling and diving adventures.

The only time the magnets get bumped off are in transit when I knock them around my dive bag. Never had a problem in the water, as they're VERY strong magnets.

5.0 out of 5 stars
AWESOME!!!! By Marc F.

These little wipers are awesome!!! I had all kinds of issues with fogging when I dove. Fogging took the fun out of diving for me. Now, I have no issues with fogging. I have not had any issues with these falling out of my mask. I have done all kinds of entries into the water and they have not fallen off or even moved unless I moved them. They don't interfere with your field of vision. The only thing that people need to remember is that you will be asked by other divers what they are and if they work. I love these little gems!!!

 5.0 out of 5 stars
Clears Fog Like Magic By MRE "MRE"

I love this product. It worked like a charm. The discs wipe away for allowing you to enjoy your dive. They are small and can be pushed to the side of your mask while diving- this wont block your view either. An excellent invention. By far this is the holy grail to snorkeling.

 5.0 out of 5 stars
Brilliant! By C. Stephens 

Everywhere I dive, people ask me about this little gizmo. I've started carrying extras just to be able to share. It works like a charm when the normal remedies for fog (spit, toothpaste, chemicals) have failed.


5.0 out of 5 stars
It's not always needed, but it's always fun!, By M. A. SCHIPANI

The fog wipers are great when you're all fogged up, and they are easy to hide when you don't need them, they're great.

What's even better is to paint them red or something and freak out your friends with your red underwater googly eyes!


5.0 out of 5 stars

Highly Recommend- Simple solution to the problem!, By K2ofCU "KJK"

This review is from: Swimming Goggle FOG WIPER (Misc.)
I've use the anti-fog solutions (Aqua Sphere) to good effect, but you do have to follow the instructions, which involves pretreatment & drying of the treated goggles before use. Ok if you remember, but not so great if you don't.

This product, however, is simple, solves a need, and works very well. Received order quickly in appropriate packaging- very good vendor.


Only caveats about the product:

1.  They are powerful magnets, BUT they CAN be dislodged by a strong stream of water should you rinse your goggles, and can subsequently be lost.

2.  Specifically- the stream out of a shower head, or even the water entering the washing machine (rinsing goggles after loading suits/towels for a post-swim load) can dislodge these magnets if the stream is strong enough.

3.  If you're lucky, they'll quickly stick to something metal; if not, you'll have to find them before they're lost down the drain, etc.

4.  I'd not store my credit cards/wallet near them in your gym bag- magnets ARE magnets, and I'd suspect that anything with magnetic strips (credit cards, key cards, etc. ) could adversely be affected.

5.  Other than the aforementions- a terrific idea & product at a good price.

 5.0 out of 5 stars

Keep your mask on By M. W. Bare

Used these on my mask in the Philippines during several snorkeling excursions. They were perfect. I usually find myself letting a little water into my mask so it can run across my lens as I swim. But this method also invites salt water to my eyes.

I purchased three sets of magnets and lost one magnet during my return the first trip out. Glad I purchased extras.

They are simply strong magnets, like earth magnets, covered in a protective material so they wipe, not scratch. They are easy to use, push out of sight and you never have to surface to use them.


5.0 out of 5 stars
 It works! By RIZA

For those who has problem in clearing fog under water too often, this device realy works, just wipe it through your lens, and your done.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great Product By Diver too "c5vetteguy"
This really is a great product if you have any problems with fogging. I've owned the same set for two years and just bought a spare 'just in case'. I've never had any problems with them falling off, moving or in any other way interfering with my dive experiance. In fact, they have helped me enjoy my dives even more.


 5.0 out of 5 stars
The best ever! By hiddenjewel0421

The best deal EVER. Make sure you order two (there is only one per pack). Better than the chemicals! Do it! You won't regret the order. I felt bad for my son and my friends when we went to Jamaica because I had these and they kept having to stop snorkeling to rinse their mask and I just pushed these little magnets around on my mask and was done. They fit snuggly into the upper corner of your goggles and you don't even know they are there...until you need them.

5.0 out of 5 stars
What weve been searching for! by Jack G.

As underwater photographers, fog is a constant problem. Flooding and clearing your mask to rinse it just rinses away more of the defog solution causing the mask to fog quicker. Working in warm tropic water just makes the problem worse. The magnetic fog wiper works! Heres another tip. Are you an underwater model and dont want the magnets in the shot? Simple, just pull the outside magnet off and let the inside magnet fall to the bottom of the mask for the shot. You can easily pull the inside magnet back onto the lens with the outside magnet.


5.0 out of 5 stars
Best Purchase I ever made by Sheila Callaghan

This product ROCKS! It is so fantastic to be able to snorkel for two hours and simply slide the magnetic wiper to totally get rid of any fog on the mask. It works completely. I was nervous the magnetic wipers might come off with the waves but they stayed on very securely. They did not block my view as I simply placed them in the upper right hand corner and forgot they were there until I needed them.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great product by Santhi C.

I was in Belize Whale Shark diving last week, my mask fogged up 100ft below, I used this little magnet fog wiper and its worked great, I will never dive without one of this great magnets again.


5.0 out of 5 stars
Magnetic Fog Wiper- WIDE-I by Brandi Pinkowski

Love this product very much. Very hard to find online. is one of the few online shops were I have found it. I hate clearing my mask underwater, so I find this product to be a necesscity for me. The magnet sits on your masks lens, one on the inside and one on the outside. It does not scratch because of the soft cloth surfaces on each magnet. The cloth surface of the magnet on the inside of your mask clears your fogged lens simply swipe the magnet over the lens to clear up the fog. Awesome!!!

On Blogs

by Reed (pewpewpaint)
"Sprays, wipes, fans, and thermal lenses have been used to minimize and prevent fog, but none of them are 100% effective. Fog will happen, especially in humid conditions, and can ruin a game. There are a few mask fog solutions, but one of the best I've come across right now is so simple, it makes me wonder why it hasn't made its way onto every players mask. The coolest part is it can be used safely while playing, which means you won't have to cram your hand on the inside of your mask to clear fog.  Wide-I Magnetic Fog Wiper For Paintball Masks..." (

by Melanie Dee, Yahoo! Contributor Network

Wide-i LLC Scuba Snorkel / Mask Fog Wiper: Review - What a Nifty Invention! I Wish I Would Have Thought of This! ... "This is the best mini investment I have ever made. I highly highly recommend this product to those who dive a lot, or snorkel a lot and cannot stand fog! These little wipers take away the fog while you swim. No need to add toothpaste or baby shampoo.Wide-i, LLC Scuba Snorkel/Mask Fog Wiper is the answer.


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