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Type Tango Magnetic Fog Wipers are both HUGE and SUPER STRONG and not for smaller masks. They are specifically designed for extreme conditions. Type Tango is designed to be resistant to fire, appropriate for firefighter masks, e.g., Scott Airpack type masks and helmets. Available in three colors: Black, Blue, and Yellow (as shown in photos).



  • Clear view when desired
  • Chemical-free
  • Does not wash off like anti-fog solutions
  • Everlasting (never "runs out")


Type Tango Magnetic Fog Wiper

SKU: TT-722301239667
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Outer Unit Diameter: 25.23mm (1.0") x 13.9mm (.547")

    Inner Unit Diameter: 25.23mm(1.0") x 11.1mm (.437") 

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