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Type Echo Magnetic Fog Wipers are optimal for ski/snowboard goggles, motorcycle goggles, and safety goggles.  It also works on single-pane and double-pane/thermal lenses, as well as on prescription lens masks.  It is large enough to be grabbed even when wearing gloves. Type Echo and Type Delta are identical strength Magnetic Fog Wipers.


Note that ONE unit (quantity=1) is needed for a single-lens mask, and TWO units (quantity = 2) are needed for dual/split-lens masks.



Clear view when desired
Sufficiently large to grab if/when wearing gloves
Everlasting (never "runs out")

Type Echo Magnetic Fog Wiper

SKU: TE-722301239650
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Outer Unit Diameter: 15.27mm (.600") x 9.25mm (.364")

    Inner Unit Diameter: 15.27mm(.600") x 5.71mm (.225") 

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