Type Delta Magnetic Fog Wipers are optimal for airsoft and paintball masks, motorcycle goggles, and safety goggles.  It also works on single-pane and double-pane/thermal lenses, as well as on prescription lens masks.  It is large enough to be grabbed even when wearing gloves. 


Note that ONE unit (quantity=1) is needed for a single-lens mask, and TWO units (quantity = 2) are needed for dual/split-lens masks.



  • Clear view when desired
  • Sufficiently large to grab if/when wearing gloves
  • Chemical-free
  • Everlasting (never "runs out")


Type Delta Magnetic Fog Wiper

SKU: TD-722301239698
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  • Outer Unit Diameter: 15.27mm (.600") x 9.25mm (.364")

    Inner Unit Diameter: 15.27mm(.600") x 5.71mm (.225")